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Hoosier Tire Midwest Track Service Calendar

Hoosier Tire Midwest services a number of events each weekend throughout our area. Listed are some of the events that we will service over the next few weeks. Additionally, we have a number of dealers who service events. If you would like to have more information about a certain track, what tires/compounds we recommend using there give us a call at one of our locations. We can also provide our dealers information if they are servicing an event in your area.

If you are planning to race at any of the events below reserve your tires today using our online Circuit Racing Reservation Form. (All reservations should be submitted at minimum 8 days prior to the event.)

 Date(s)  Event  Location  Servicing Store
  Aug 17 - Jul 22   The Hawk   Road America   Plymouth
  Aug 17 - Aug 19   VSCDA   Grattan   Plymouth
  Aug 18   USAC Silver Crown   Springfield Fairgrounds   Springfield
  Aug 22 - Aug 26   NHRA Div. 3   Bowling Green, KY.   Springfield
  Aug 22 - Aug 26   NMCA   Norwalk   Indy
  Aug 22 - Aug 25   USAC Sprints   Kokomo   Indy
  Aug 24 - Aug 25   Mansfield Late Model   Mansfield   Springfield
  Aug 25 - Aug 26   I70 Regional   I70   Springfield
  Aug 26 - Sep 3   U.S. Nationals   Indy   Indy
  Aug 29 - Sep 2   PCA   Road America   Plymouth
  Sep 2   USAC Silver Crown   DuQuoin Fairgrounds   Indy


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