Congratulations to Hoosier Midwest Winners at the SCCA Runoffs

Congratulations to our customers who were tops in their respective divisions at the 52nd Annual SCCA Runoffs in Daytona Beach this past weekend!

These folks depend on Hoosier Tire Midwest for their tire needs and you too can get all of the advice and service that the winners receive by calling carter Schrader and his crew at (574) 936-8344!

F500 – Calvin Stewart
STU – John Schmitt
AS – Andy McDermid
B-Spec – John Heinricy
FA – Tyler Hunter
FB – J.R. Osborne
FE – Scott Rettich
FV – Michael Veracins
GT3 – Joe Kristensen
T-1 – Andrew Aquilante
T-2 – Kurt Rezzetano
T-3 – Bob Schader

Hoosier Selected as New Spec Tire for Spec Racer Class

Centennial, CO, September 14, 2015 — SCCA Enterprises has announced that the new spec tire for the Spec Racer® racing classes will be provided by Hoosier® Racing Tires. Beginning January 1, 2016 Hoosier will become the exclusive spec tire supplier for both the SRF (GEN2) and SRF3 (GEN3) Sports Car Club of America racing classes. The supplier agreement is for three race seasons, through the Runoffs in 2018, and covers the remainder of the transition period from the GEN2 over to the new GEN3. This marks the first time for Hoosier as the exclusive Spec Racer tire supplier as well as the return to radial tires and to different tire sizes for the front and rear.

“We cannot wait for our racers to begin competing on the Hoosier tires,” said Erik Skirmants, CEO and President of SCCA Enterprises. “This was our most ambitious and thorough evaluation process ever in terms of selecting the most important cost variable to our customers, which is the tires that they race on.”

The tire selection process started in early summer 2014 with a request for proposal (RFP) sent to leading brands in race tire manufacturing. The RFP outlined strict requirements in cost controls, distribution, product stability, and partnership expectations. Each of the candidates was allowed to propose any tire they wanted and tire price was at their discretion. Said Erik, “We received five impressively professional replies, all within our requested parameters, allowing us to focus on only our key criteria of performance and total cost to our customers.”

Track testing was first conducted for all the candidates at two locations. Following that, race weekend validation was performed on the selected Hoosier tire. During all testing phases opinion leaders from the Spec Racer community provided feedback on how each tire would perform for a broad range of Spec Racer drivers. At the first test at Texas World Speedway the focus was on evaluating basic performance with emphasis on overall wear, first heat cycle performance, and multi-heat cycle grip levels. Heat cycled tires were also aged for 45 days and compared to new tires in the month afterward.

“Our second test at Buttonwillow Raceway in California was set up as a more ‘shoot out style’ long-run race weekend simulation with all brands running the same sessions at the same time. We again cycled drivers through cars set-up specifically for each tire brand, with assistance from each manufacturer’s engineers,” said Erik. Wear and lap time data points were recorded. The last test session involved a “hot” change over from high-mileage to new tires to search for possible first heat cycle grip advantages. Subjective questions were also asked of the drivers.

Erik and the SCCA Enterprises evaluation team were excited with the results. “We came out of the test with clear data that matched the drivers’ choice. Hoosier was the first choice but we didn’t stop there. We then did several more validation tests at actual non-Majors SCCA Club races with even more Spec Racer drivers providing us with their input,” Erik said.

To assist with the racers’ transition, the rules will allow the 2015 spec Goodyear® tire (dry and rain) to be legal in non-Majors SCCA Club Racing events until June 2016.

“SCCA Enterprises wishes to thank all who were involved in supplying test cars, test driving and especially all of the tire manufacturers who put in such great efforts to help us find the tire most suited to the Spec Racer and our racers,” said Erik.

Said Bruce Foss, Product Manager, Road Racing Division, Hoosier Racing Tire, “We are extremely pleased to have the SRF class as part of the Hoosier Tire family! SCCA Enterprises, their staff, as well as all of the teams and competitors that participated are to be commended for engaging in the most comprehensive tire selection process that Hoosier has ever experienced. An extreme accomplishment for all involved. We are confident that this process will offer the best all-around tire package available. Hoosier and its trackside support entities look forward to engaging and growing in this partnership for years to come.”

SCCA Enterprises, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, manufactures and supports SCCA Spec Racer sports racing car and the SCCA Formula Enterprises spec formula racing car.

Hoosier Racing Tire is the largest manufacturer of racing tires in the world with distributors located both domestically and worldwide.



We are going to try to add our service schedule each month to this site so you will be aware of events we will service from our stores. In addition to these events, there are literally hundreds of events each month that are serviced by our dealers. If you ever have a question on who might be servicing an event you can always contact the store in your area and they should be able to assist you.


10/10 USSA Anderson (Brownsburg)
10/10 BOSS Sprints Eldora (Brownsburg)
10/17 USAC Sprints Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway (Brownsburg)
10/17 World of Outlaw Sprint Plymouth, IN. (Brownsburg)
This schedule is published as an aid to help customers know there will be tire service at an event. “IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE”, so to be 100% sure contact the store that is listed to service the event. If you need help with what compounds and technical assistance please feel free to contact the store in brackets and they can assist you to be better prepared.

SPRINGFIELD (217) 522-1955
INDY (317) 858-1234
PLYMOUTH, IN. (574) 936-8344

Anderson Speedway and Hoosier Racing Tire have entered a multi-year partnership as the tire of choice for the Little 500!

Anderson, Indiana – Anderson Speedway and Hoosier Racing Tire have entered a multi-year partnership as the tire of choice for the Little 500 sprint car race held annually on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

With the 2015 event set for May 23rd, Speedway President Rick Dawson is ready to begin the historic 67th consecutive race alongside Hoosier Tire.

“The Pay Less Little 500 has evolved into such a huge spectacle in sprint car racing,” stated Dawson. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to not only showcase our racers, but also our speedway and the city of Anderson.” With Hoosier’s commitment to quality and performance it comes to no surprise as to why Dawson picked the purple brand. “Hoosier Tire is a pioneer in their industry placing themselves at the forefront of racing,” continued Dawson. “They are constantly challenging themselves to improvement and what they provide our racers here in Anderson is unmatched.”


“I’ve been going to the Little 500 since the early 80’s and I always enjoyed this one-of-a-kind-event,” said Hoosier Racing Tire Oval Asphalt Business Unit Manager Irish Saunders. “Hoosier is proud to be a part of this great event and tradition.”

The Little 500 begins with practice on Tuesday, May 19th followed by two-day qualifying.

Hoosier Racing Tire is the largest manufacturer of racing tires in the world with distributors located both domestically and worldwide. Hoosier Tire Midwest, Inc. services this event each year and Open Wheel Product Manager Scott Fernandez anticipates this event each year and looks forward to working the event with the competitors. For more information Scot can be reached at (800) 365-1955.

Hoosier Redesigns DOT Drag Radial & Adds New 18” Option

drag radial

Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to announce the redesigning of its popular DOT Drag Radial. This redesigned tire has an all new tread pattern and an improved tread profile to help deliver the best performance results.

Part # Size Diameter Circumference Tread Width Section Width Weight Suggested Retail
17343 P325/45R18 29.9” 93.3” 11.2” 12.7” on 11” rim 28# $265.00

For more information or to place an order or check availability, contact Drag Race Product Manager Bruce Browning at (217) 522-1955.

New 10.5×5.0-6 Dirt Kart left side tire


Hoosier is proud to release a new 10.5×5.0-6 that will be replacing the 10.5×4.5-6 D10A, D20A, and D30A. This new tire is approximately ½” taller in circumference and ¼” wider than the 10.5×4.5-6 tire. The product specs are listed below.

ItemNumber Tire Size Application Tread Width Approx. Dia Approx. Circ Recom. Rim Measured Rim Section Width Compounds
11325 10.5×5.0-6 Left side 4.75” 10.5” 32.75” 6.5” 6.50” 6.625” D10A,D20A, D30A

The new dirt oval kart front will be offered in a D10A, D20A and D30A compound only.

The D20A is currently available. The D10A and D30A will be available the week of Nov 3, 2014

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Kart Product Manager Tim Baker at (217)522-1955

Midwest based customers fare well at SCCA Runoffs at Laguna Seca

50 years after the first edition at Riverside in 1964 and long after its last visit in 1968, the SCCA National Championship Runoffs returned to the west coast in a big way with an event at the iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. National Champions were crowned in 27 Runoffs-eligible classes in this winner-take-all motorsports classic. The Midwest area of the United States was well represented at the event and 8 of the 27 classes were claimed by drivers from this area.

Hoosier Tire Midwest would like to congratulate all of our drivers who made the journey to the West coast to compete in the event and a special recognition to those who ended the event atop their respective divisions including:
F500 – Brian Novak

FE – Scott Rettich
5 rettich

FP – Nigel Saurino
0 saurino

HP – Lawrence Loshak
4 loshak

SM – Eric Stearns
3 stearns

STL – Cliff Ira
2 lounge

T2 – Andrew Lounge
2 lounge2

T3 – David Daughtery
1 daugherty

For all of your SCCA needs, contact Carter Schrader, Product Manager for Hoosier Tire Midwest at (574) 936-8344

Spaulding Veteran’s Memorial Makes Presentation to Mike Allgaier

The Spaulding Veteran’s Memorial made a stop in to Hoosier Tire Midwest today with a special purpose in mind.


Hoosier Tire Midwest and Mike Allgaier have been loyal sponsors of the Spaulding Veteran’s Memorial since it’s inception, and one of the commemorative bricks in the memorial is a tribute to SC1 Harold “Bud” Allgaier, Father of Mike Allgaier, who served in the United States Navy from 1942 – 1946 and spent a portion of that time aboard an LST-325.

Several members of the Board of Directors including Larry Beck who is the Chairman visited with Mike and presented him with this beautiful photo by Lou Szoke Photography which memorializes Bud and depicts his brick in the wall!


The Veteran’s Memorial will be holding a Fundraising Festival on September 12 and 13 at the Field of Dreams in Riverton, IL. 1200 E. Riverton Road. Activities will include Live Entertainment, a Bounce House and Slide, Face painting, dunk tank, animal petting zoo and other fun activities along with fireworks at the conclusion of the event on Saturday night!

For further information you can find the group on facebook at Spaulding Veterans Memorial Wall

Hoosier Tire Midwest and are both proud to support this endeavor and salute all of our U.S. Veteran’s and thank them for their service to our fine country!





LAKEVILLE, IN (July 8, 2014) – In an effort to offer our valued customers improvements to our existing 16” bias-ply slicks, sidewall construction changes have been made to the following part numbers. The new C5000 construction offers the Solo Prepared and SCCA GT customers improved steering response, better braking, faster run times and an increase in cornering stability under acceleration. Drivers will notice an immediate improvement in performance throughout
the first turns in the course. Tread compounds on all GT slicks will remain the same – R35A and R45B. Setup, break-in procedure, air pressure and camber settings will be the same as the
previous models.

The following tire sizes are in stock and ready to order.
Item # / Tire Size / Tread Width / Approx. Dia. / Approx. Circ. / Recom. Rim Width / Measured Rim Width / Section Width / Weight / MSRP
43499 25.0×13.0-16 C5000 13.0 25.3 79.5 12 12 13.5 23.0 $339.00
43537 27.0×14.0-16 C5000 13.8 26.7 84.0 12-13 12 14.5 25.0 $359.00

For more information or to place an order, contact Carter Schrader, Product Manager for HOOSIER Tire Midwest, Inc. at (574) 936-8344.

HOOSIER steadily strives to improve the product for the end user!


May 27, 2014 Springfield, IL.
As the sound of engines filled the air this morning, curious onlookers tried to figure out what the noise was, knowing that the AMA motorcycles held their annual Memorial Day event this past weekend, there isn’t normally sounds of high performance engines in the air unless the race was rescheduled for rain!


With the assistance of Bob Sargent of Track Enterprises, Bobby East and Chris Windom and their respective teams, Sangamon County Resque Squad, America Ambulance and Shaner’s Towing, a strong contingent of Hoosier Racing Tire engineers and Product Manager Neil Cowman, a variety of tires were utilized in the testing and everyone left the hallowed grounds of the Springfield Mile feeling satisfied that we have come up with an improved product.


The mounting work was performed by Hoosier Tire Midwest employees Bruce Browning and Tim Baker, THANK YOU guys for your early morning prep in order to make this a succesful test!